CYO Athletics

Welcome to our CYO ATHLETICS: St. Margaret School is proud to offer our students opportunities to explore their interests and get involved with after school extracurricular activities.


Registration is open for 2023 – Winter sports

This is a new website and you will have to create an account.




JV – 5th & 6th

Varsity – 7th & 8th

High school – 9th to 12th


JV – 5th & 6th

Varsity – 7th & 8th

High school – 9th to 12th

Fall sports for school year  23-24 will be here before you know it. The above link is for REGISTRATION purposes only. No fees will be collected through this site or at this time. This is to provide the Archdiocese and league a rough estimate of player participation. Once registered , all fees will be shared and collected as players /parents commit to participation as fee levels will depend on number of participants. There will be another separate link only for our local team operators to collect fees. NOTE: as is Archdiocesan policy financial assistance may be available to those requiring it, as all activities are available to all students irrespective of financial circumstances.


  • CROSS COUNTRY – 1st to 8th
  • SOCCER – 3rd to 8th
  • FOOTBALL – 5th to 8th 


  • BASKETBALL – 5th to 12th


  • BASEBALL – 5th to 8th
  • TRACK – 1st to 8th
  • VOLLEYBALL – 9th to 12th

There is commitment but enables us to contact you with information, schedules of events  and answer any questions one may have. Please feel free to contact me if you have any direct questions  regarding the football program.

Jim McNulty