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Our cafeteria wall has stenciled on it the words of Jesus, “Let the children come to me. It is to just such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs.”  Saint Margaret School is rooted in our belief that each child is a precious gift of God.   We teach them and help them to come to God, but they also teach us how to have a childlike trust in God and a spirit of wonder and joy.  It is a joy to see our children grow in wisdom, age and grace, and to be blessed by their presence among us. 

Msgr. Paul Dougherty, Pastor

Legacy has blessed our halls, but one important component is our Mercy way. Never having forgotten those who have paved our path, we continue to embrace hospitality, compassion, integrating, service, community, and prayer. It is always so refreshing to hear from graduates and welcome their children into our community. Many will note we have moved on into the twenty first century, accepting the challenges of new curriculum and technology. What is at the heart of what we do and what we represent? We can respond. We are preparing our children to be inventors of peace, and dignity but most of all to be alive in Love of Christ.

Ms. Terri Power, Principal


Established as a small parish school in the early 1900s, Saint Margaret School today serves as the only Archdiocesan Catholic elementary school in Lower Merion Township, PA. We welcome the families of St. Margaret, St. Matthias, Presentation BVM, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Mother of Good Counsel, St. John Vianney, St. Bridget, St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas of Villanova parishes.

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Prospective parents are invited to email Admissions for more information, or complete the online request. Due to changes from the pandemic, virtual or private tours will be arranged.

Mission Statement

To nurture children and continue their instruction of the Catholic faith, while providing them with the differentiated intellectual instruction required to attain lifelong goals regardless of their race, religion, or ethnic background. The faculty and staff guide children to become Christian leaders who will strengthen the Body of Christ by making a positive impact in an ever-changing world.