Welcome to 2A and 2B

                                              School Supplies~Gr. 2 A and B

    We look forward to working with you and your child this new school year. Below is a list of supply and stationery items needed for September. Please note that supply items may be purchased at any Dollar Store, Target….Copybooks must be purchased at St. Margaret’s as they are specially lined.

   Supply Items- Please label all supplies in permanent marker

  • 1 set of watercolor paints ( crayola or Prang are great)
  • A pack of sharpened  #2 pencils
  • 4 folders ( 2 pocket , any color or design) No binders
  • Child scissors- 1 pair
  • A box of crayola crayons- 48 is good.
  • Eraser ( 1 large eraser should last ) 
  • A set of water based markers
  • A 12 inch ruler with centimeters on one side
  • 2 red pens or pencils
  • A case for pencils and crayons
  • A clipboard ( Dollar Tree has them)
  • Small package of construction paper
  • Elmer’s glue bottle; a few glue sticks
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 2 Lysol wipe ( or equivalent) containers
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer for your child’s desk

Stationery ItemsTo be purchased at school

  • 2 primary cursive copybooks $2.00 each= $4.00
  • Scholastic News ( weekly science/soc. studies magazine)=$ 7.00
  • $6.00 Craft fee for projects, gifts made during the year

Please send $17.00 in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Please send by Sept. 9th.

Have a safe and healthy summer! See you in September!

                         Miss Lopresti and Miss Winterle