The SMS Spiritwear Shop is OPEN! Spiritwear is perfect for gym days and to show your school spirit! Spiritwear items make great Christmas gifts for your child or other family members. You can check out the styles available on the attached flyer. Order online NOW until 10/6 at https://bandesportswear.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=555

Please note: Unfortunately, this will be our only Spiritwear run in 2021 so be sure to grab any holiday gifts now. We can ensure that your purchase remains a secret by keeping it at the Office until you can pick it up instead of sending it home with your child. 

B&E, like so many other retailers, is experiencing stock shortages due to supply chain issues that have come about due to COVID. There is a possibility the items you choose will go out of stock and you will be refunded. For this reason, the timeframe to order has been shortened to just 1 week. B&E will do everything they can to ensure the items are available and will communicate with you if an item becomes unavailable.

The SMS Spiritwear Shop is OPEN. Shop now until 10/6 at https://bandesportswear.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=555

If you have any questions about Spiritwear, please contact Beth Mirzai at bethmirzai@gmail.com

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