KB Classroom News 2023-2024

Vicky Comly – vcomly@smsnarberth.org

We are off to a great start in KB! We have started the process of learning to navigate procedures and expectations. At the end of this first full week of school, I am proud to report that the transition has been smooth!

We are starting slowly with the curriculum in an effort to ensure that everyone is first comfortable in the classroom. It is apparent to me that this is a great group and they are happy working together.

Please make sure your child is well-prepared for each day at school. An early bedtime and a good breakfast help your child maintain the necessary stamina. Remember to pack the morning snack separately in your child’s backpack, and if the child has money for a lunchtime treat, that money should be packed in the lunchbox.

The stationery fee should be sent to the office if you have not yet done so.

Also, the Art teacher has requested a separate pencil case of supplies! Some students don’t have that, either.

Can’t resist sharing a pic of our grandchildren!

Put your child’s name on all belongings!

Supply List – in addition to the supplies provided in your Stationery and Film fee we will also need-

A backpack that is manageable for your child and can fit a folder and lunch box inside
A water bottle
Earphones-not earbuds
One package of Expo medium point dry-erase markers
6 large washable Elmers glue sticks
4 plastic pocket folders – two green, two red

In September girls, and in January boys please bring:

Two reams of copy paper
Two boxes of tissues
One large tub of Lysol wipes
I CleanFreak spray bottle
I roll of paper towels
One box of gallon-sized Ziplock bags
One container of WetOnes

Please understand that I may need to update some supplies when we get together and see more clearly what we need.

I like to use the Remind app to keep in touch on the fly with quick memos. I will list your emails when I get my class roster, so look for an invitation.

three wooden dinosaur

Some fun websites for the students:







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Fun games to practice spelling


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