Hot Lunch Program

BOX LUNCH Catered by McGullicuddy’s/Sams

Our lunch program is available to all PK-8 students every weekday, Monday through Friday. To participate, orders must be placed electronically before the start of the month; no additions can be made after the month begins. The deadline for placing orders is the last day of the previous month. For example, if you want to order for October, the deadline is September 30th. The process is simple and straightforward. Please take the time to visit the website for instructions.

Please follow the 4-step process and ensure that your child’s grade is correctly entered. When placing your order, please select the appropriate month by clicking on the green box arrow located to the right. If you have any questions or concerns regarding hot lunches, kindly contact McGillicuddy’s directly at These lunches come prepackaged with a drink and fruit/snack and will be labeled for your child’s convenience.