Congratulations Graduates

Class of 2022

Graduates *Denotes Scholarship
Lauren Arnoldi* – Central High School
William Code* – LaSalle College High School
Charlie Coyne* –  LaSalle College High School
Tanvi Deeparavina*- Sacred Heart Country Day
Olivia DeMaio* – Villa Maria
Megan Donahoe* – Sacred Heart Country Day
Bradan Fisher – St. Joseph Prep
Jayden-Jay Hicks – Lower Merion
Jacob Jackson* –  LaSalle College High School
Henry Karn* – St. Joseph Prep
Chloe Kennedy – Creative & Performing Arts HS
Lily Kennedy* – Merion Mercy Academy
Jacob Marzolf*- O’Hara
Michael Milz – Tunkhannock Area School
Alexander Moritz*- LaSalle College High School
Francis Passarella* – LaSalle College High School
Rachel Phillips – Mt St. Joseph
Daulton Schaffer*-LaSalle College High School
Ryan Scholz – Lower Merion
Macie Schundler* – Archbishop Carroll
William Stevens – Springfield, Flourtown
*Scholarships toward high school tuition total over $710,000

      The following students are awarded special awards this year!

      1. The Pastor’s Award is given to two graduates who are outstanding in devotion to the Church,  The award is given in hope for these students’ continued service to the Church.

      Congratulations: Olivia DeMaio and Jacob Marzolf

      2. The Isobel Davis Award, established by a devoted friend of the parish, is given to two students who have shown industry in studies, dedication to the Church, and a spirit of generosity which encourages us to support their pursuit of Catholic education.

      Congratulations: Rachel Phillips and Charles Coyne

      3. The Faculty’s Award recognizes two students who exhibit an outstanding sense of service and devotion to the school.

      Congratulations: Chloe Kennedy and  Bradan Fisher 

      4. The School Board Award, which was initiated by a member of the Board, recognizes  a boy and girl student who have shown consistent academic effort and industry in their studies.

      Congratulations: Macie Schundler and William Code

      5. The Home and School Association donates a prize each year to a boy and girl student who, through industry and application, have achieved scholastic excellence.

      Congratulations: Lauren Arnoldi and Alexander Moritz

      6. The Knights of Columbus have donated a prize to a boy and girl who exemplify their Catholic faith.

      Congratulations: Olivia DeMaio and Francis Passarella

      7. The M. Steward (Mayer) Meagher Art Award: Stewart Meagher was a parishioner of St. Margaret’s for over fifty years.  Throughout his life he enjoyed art, both as a career and in sharing his appreciation and knowledge with others.  Therefore, this award is presented to the eighth grade student who has demonstrated artistic ability or an appreciation for fine arts.

      Congratulations: Lily Kennedy

      8.  The Monsignor Joseph M. Gleason Award was established in memory of Monsignor, who demonstrated to the Church the true meaning of service to God’s people.  In serving the people of St. Margaret, he gave himself untiringly to all elements of parish life.  He supported and encouraged Catholic Education.  Monsignor Gleason provided the best for the students of St. Margaret School and demanded the best from them.

      Tonight the 42nd Gleason Award will be given to a student who has demonstrated an understanding of service, Church awareness, generosity, and striving for the best possible achievement.

      Congratulations: Jacob Jackson

      9.  The Sister Corinne Ritchie Award is established in memory of our beloved Sister Corinne who devoted herself unfailingly to St. Margaret School and its students.  The 4th Ritchie award is given to two students who demonstrate a love of and a devotion to St. Margaret and its students.

      Congratulations: Rachel Phillips and Robert Daulton Schaffer

      10.  The Charles J. Becker Award is given in loving memory of Charles J. Becker, Sr. who gave his time and resources to the youth of our parish. This award is given to two students who exhibit the qualities of sportsmanship, co-operation, loyalty, effort and school spirit.

      Congratulations:  Megan Donahoe and  Ryan Scholz

      11.  The American Legion School Award is designed to place emphasis on the development of the qualities of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service that a student has displayed while at St. Margaret School.

      Congratulations: Lauren Arnoldi 

      Each year the American Legion offers to our students an essay content.  This year the topic was “How has the U.S. military assisted America during the COVID-19 pandemic?”  After research and writing, students submitted their essays and the 8th grade winner is:

      First Place – Alexander Moritz who will receive a gold medal and $150

      Congratulations Alex and a sincere thank you to our American Legion neighbors.

      12. Presidential Educational Awards for Outstanding Academic Excellence are awarded to the following students:

      Lauren Arnoldi William Code Charles Coyne

      Bradan Fisher Henry Karn Alexander Moritz

      Francis Passarella Robert Daulton Schaffer Macie Schundler

      13. Presidential Educational Awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement are awarded to the following students:

      Megan Donahoe Jacob Jackson Lily Kennedy Rachael Phillips

      14.  The following students have shown outstanding achievement in these subject areas:

      Religion Alexander Moritz

      Math Charles Coyne

      Reading Henry Karn

      Social Studies Bradan Fisher

      Writing Francis Passarella

      Vocabulary Alexander Moritz

      Science Henry Karn

      Music Award Robert Daulton Schaffer

      Spanish Macie Schundler

      Computer Jacob Marzolf

      General Excellence in all subject areas:Alexander Moritz

      15. The following students served on the Student Council for this school year.

      President: Olivia DeMaio

      Vice President: Jayden-Jay Hicks

      Editors of Yearbook: Lauren Arnoldi and Megan Donahoe

      Class Representative: Braden Fisher

      Kids Care Representative: Jacob Jackson

      Yearbook Committee:

      Lauren Arnoldi

      William Code

      Charles Coyne

      Tanvi Deeparavind

      Olivia DeMaio

      Megan Donahoe

      Bradan Fisher

      Jayden-Jay Hicks

      Jacob Jackson

      Henry Karn

      Chloe Kennedy

      Lily Kennedy

      Jacob Marzolf

      Michael Milz

      Alexander Moritz

      Francis Passarella

      Rachel Phillips

      Robert Daulton Schaffer

      Ryan Scholz

      Macie Schundler

      William Stevens

      16. Certificates of Award are given to the following eighth grade Altar Servers in recognition of, and appreciation for, their continued and dedicated service to the parish community of St. Margaret and of their home parishes by their assisting in liturgical celebrations:

      Congratulations to:

      Lauren Arnoldi Charles Coyne Olivia DeMaio

      Jacob Jackson Jacob Marzolf Ryan Scholz