Welcome to First Grade B!

Mrs. Meg Cuff

School Supplies

St. Margaret School 2021- 2022

Dear Parents,

​It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! I am looking forward to working with you and your child this upcoming school year! Below is a list of supplies that your child will need for First Grade. Please note that the supply items can be purchased at Staples, Target, etc. Please be sure to send in your child’s stationery fee to school in a marked envelope during the first week of school. We hope you have a fun and relaxing summer! See you in August! 


Mrs. Lazur

**Please be sure to write you child’s name on all of the supplies in permanent marker**

1 Pink eraser

1 Box of crayons-no larger than 24 count please:)

1 Pair of kid scissors

1 Bottle of Elmer’s glue

5 Glue sticks

1 Small plastic supply box (cigar size box), label with name

2 Large boxes of tissues

1 Bottle of sanitizer with pump

1 Set of water color paints (Crayola work best), label with name

1 Pack of Baby Wipes

2 Containers of Lysol/Clorox antibacterial wipes- bleach free

1 Reusable, no-spill water bottle for classroom, label with name 
1 Package of napkins

1 Clipboard- please write your child’s name on the clipboard

1 Pair of earbuds/headphones inside a small case or baggie with name

Girls– 1 box of Gallon size Ziploc bags and 1 Package of colored construction paper

Boys– 1 box of Sandwich size Ziploc bags and 1 Box of Band Aids

*Stationary Items (to be purchased by school)

• $9 Craft supply fee • Scholastic News Subscription $5.00 • 4 copy books and folders- $11.00 

**The total cost of these items is $25.00. Please send this amount to school by way of cash or check to school in a marked envelope during the first week of school. 

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